New Website for PhD Students

I’m excited to launch my new website for PhD students which is now live at I will be moving some of the content that I have published here in relation to the PhD to the new website where you can subscribe for weekly updates and new content.

I will also be using the new media and social platforms to a limited extent.

I will be using this website more for my other writing projects, updates, and random posts.

The idea for Page x Page has long been in the pipeline. I first had the idea to do something like this in 2013 when working at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna and after my own experience of doing the PhD.

After writing some content in Vienna I decided to shelve the idea at the time as my research projects had to take priority. I didn’t have the time to commit to this – three book projects got in the way.

My plan was always to return to this once my books were published and I had accomplished my research goals. I’ve now had more time to dedicate to this project and to connect with current PhD students.

I am now looking to speak to current PhD students to understand their workflow and process better. You can contact me at, on LinkedIn, or through subscribing on my new website.