PhD Coaching

Struggling with your PhD?

Facilitating a workshop for PhD students using Serious Lego Play

Individual PhD coaching available for PhDs in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

I am an experienced academic researcher, Oxford University Press author, with over ten years of experience working in leading centres for Higher Education. I am currently a mentor for the Carnegie Future Leaders programme for PhD Carnegie Scholars.

I will help you achieve your PhD in the fastest and most effective way possible by breaking down the PhD process into manageable concrete steps.

I provide personal guidance tailored to your needs and weekly check-ins to monitor your progress.

Areas I can assist you in:

  • Guidance on your current stage of your PhD and navigating your way through the PhD jungle
  • Publishing channels and strategy 
  • Writing skills
  • Productivity
  • Troubleshooting with supervisor/ changing supervisors
  • Preparing for your Viva
  • Planning for your career after the PhD 
  • Grant and funding proposals
  • Document editing
  • Independent and confidential advice
  • Accountability 


“Instructor was very personable and very helpful – empathetic. Useful that he used his own PhD experience as a starting point. The workshop was excellent.”

– PhD Candidate, NUI Galway

“Loved the Serious Lego Play and the Model Canvas. Excellent overall. Think it needs to be sympathetic to students’ desire to change systemic problems.”

– PhD Candidate, NUI Galway


Half-Hour Skype or Zoom conference call – €50 

One Hour Skype or Zoom conference call – €100

Want to make progress?

Email me at: to arrange an initial consultation.