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Selja: The Story of Sunniva

The Irish-princess-virgin-martyr, St Sunniva, is one of the most enigmatic of Scandinavian saints. The site of her martyrdom, the island of Selja on the west coast of Norway, became an important monastic and episcopal centre during the eleventh century. Towards the end of the twelfth century her relics were translated to Bergen, the new centre of the bishopric, and she became the patron saint of Bergen. This short film provides an overview of her legend and the historic site at Selja, Norway’s holy island. Filmed in Norway in October 2014.

The Monk Who United Europe

Served as historical consultant for the BBC/RTE co-production of the film documentary “Mary McAleese and the Man Who Saved Europe” broadcast in November 2015.

Saint Columbanus: The First European

Radio discussion with former President of Ireland Mary McAleese and Columban Father Sean McDonagh on the legacy of Saint Columbanus for the 14th centenary of his death in November 2015. Broadcast on RTE Radio 1.

RTE Radio One: Saint Columbanus